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Exciting, Engaging and Interactive Entertainers who specialize in visiting senior facilities and performing live.


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Cheryl Silverstein

 Upstanding Entertainers is a league of entertainers who specialize in senior living entertainment and entertaining the elderly.  They bring senior entertainment directly into senior living facilities and assisted living retirement communities to entertain the elderly audience.

Singers, musicians, aerobic instructors, clean comedians, art therapists and others focus on senior entertainment and entertaining the elderly.

What Members Are Saying

I Started Singing What They Wanted To Hear

At first my video and style was showing off what I wanted but then I switched to what they wanted and got several shows


I was busy and then got busier

I was already busy doing private shows and a few senior gigs. Then Russell helped me by providing a new YouTube video for free!


After 2 Months I Was Ready To Quit

I am glad I kept my membership because I got 3 shows in my 3rd month, and more calls are coming in

Susan E

Once I Added Better Photos, I Got Calls

My first photos were not compelling but Upstanding Entertainers helped me and then I got a gig

Judi S

I Was Skeptical

I told Russell I would give it 3 months but I got my first show in less than 2.  Thanks Russell!

Robert A

Once It Started It Did Not Stop

It took almost 3 months but with Russell’s help I added a new video and got 14 gigs immediately

Kenneith P

Seemed Like Forever

It took awhile but Upstanding Entertainers started direct emailing Activity Directors and I got my first show

Peggy D

First Gig in 43 Days

Russell coached me and helped me pick the perfect photos and video, then  I got results fast

Mark E

I Started Getting Calls In 40 Days

Upstanding Entertainers worked with me to enhance my Member Profile so I got calls faster

John F

Got First Call for a Show After 45 Days

We offer an expensive performance, so one show would pay for 2 years of our membership fees

Pam K

It Took Almost 3 Months

But now I have gotten multiple gigs through my membership in Upstanding Entertainers

Ron J

It is Easy and is Paying Off Well

I have a great website and Upstanding Entertainers is helping Activity Directors find me and book shows

Paul W

I Got a Gig in Under 30 days

And the calls keep coming so I am very glad that I am a member of Upstanding Entertainers

Randy T

I See it Working for Other Members

My act is somewhat unusual and so it will take more time for me

Dan D

It Took a Few Weeks for Calls

It took a few weeks and then I started getting calls for shows

Cheryl S

The Response is Overwhelming

So many seniors have already been blessed by our members

Russell C

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